Bespoke Funeral Flowers

Here at Forget Me Not Flowers Shrewsbury, we recognise that the passing of a family member, friend or loved one is never easy. Flowers provide a fitting way to send your condolences following the sad news.

The Funeral tributes range includes a wide selection of funeral flowers, covering everything from simple and elegant bouquets, pillows and funeral tributes through to sprays, wreaths and personalised letter tributes. We understand the sensitivity and importance of the occasion, so will ensure the team of florists will personally and professionally create your funeral flowers and deliver across Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas.

If you wish to discuss your particular requirements, please call – we’re here to help 01743 364042

Bright and colourful double ended spray
Heart SYM-325
from £85.00
Florists Choice Open Wreath
from £55.00
Florists Choice Spray
from £55.00
Eco Heart SYM-353
Basket SYM-347
from £40.00
Posy SYM-344
from £75.00
Letters SYM-341
from £200.00
Tied Sheaf SYM-338
from £55.00
Funeral Flowers SYM-336
from £55.00
Cushion SYM-333
from £140.00
Pillow SYM-331
Wreath SYM-319
from £100.00
Wreath SYM-316
from £95.00
Wreath SYM-314
from £120.00
Double Ended Spray SYM-313
from £175.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-306
from £200.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-302
from £85.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-307
from £65.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-303
from £95.00
Heart SYM-324
Wreath SYM-317
from £95.00
Wreath SYM-321
from £95.00
Heart SYM-323
double Ended Spray SYM-305
from £250.00
Letters SYM-340
from £150.00
Pink Massed Wreath
from £70.00
Single Ended Spray (Pink)
from £65.00
Cross SYM-329
from £150.00
Funeral Posy (Pink)
from £45.00